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How long does it take for food-grade silicone tubes aging?

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How long does it take for food-grade silicone tubings aging?

foog grade silicone tubing

The use of food-grade silicone tubings is still relatively common in the food industry. We know that food-grade silicone hoses will age after a period of time. Let's talk about how long it takes for food-grade silicone tubings to age?

1. Silica gel is very susceptible to damage in wet and cold, rain or soaking in water. Especially in the condition of water immersion and air exposure, it will accelerate the aging of food-grade stainless steel silicone tubing.

2. Internal structure reasons: the key is the type of vulcanized rubber, the forming method, the level of bonding, the type of mutual matching drugs, and the factors in the production process.

3. Environmental factors: key aerobic exercise, metal oxides, ozone, heat, light, rays, reflective fatigue, lack of production process, etc. The harm of ozone has increased. Along with the increase of ozone in the earth's atmosphere, the organic chemistry of ozone is more active and destructive, and it breaks the molecular chain. The harm of ozone to food-grade stainless steel silicone tubings has increased, and the key effect of ozone is in the situation of ozone cracking caused by deformed silicone. Chemical action is also a level of aging of silica gel. Oxygen in the vulcanized rubber has the effect of aging through the silica gel molecules, and the molecular chain is broken, resulting in the change of the characteristics of the silica gel.

It's all critical and many big aspects, and there are many small problems that can also endanger the life of the silicone tube. Therefore, in addition to paying attention to the big level, the small key points cannot be ignored.


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