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Braided silicone hose processing cloth liner

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Braided silicone hose processing cloth liner

reinforced silicone pipe

The rope for braided silicone hose refers to the skeleton material of the braided layer of the braided silicone hose. Its varieties include cotton thread, synthetic fiber rope and steel wire. The amount of cotton thread is gradually decreasing, and the amount of polyester cord treated by impregnation is increasing rapidly. 

Fabric for flat rubber belts refers to a flat woven canvas woven from fiber materials, which is treated as the skeleton layer of the flat rubber belt. The most widely used canvas is polyester, nylon or polyester-nylon interwoven canvas, and cotton canvas is decreasing. 

Braided silicone hose processing cloth liner is used to preserve unvulcanized rubber or rubberized cord during rubber processing. Cloth liner is generally divided into two categories: fabric type and film type. The fabric types include cotton cloth liner, polypropylene cloth liner, vinylon cloth liner and polyester cloth liner, of which polypropylene cloth liner is the largest. Polypropylene fiber fabric is made from propylene polymerized into polypropylene polymer compound, which is spun and woven into polypropylene fiber fabric. 

Because it has the advantages of light weight, low moisture absorption rate and small electrostatic effect, it is mainly used as a clothe liner in the silicone rubber industry as a polyhexyl terephthalamide fiber cord. The fiber is an aromatic polyamide fiber. The fibers are made from hexamethylene diamine and terephthalic acid through polycondensation, spinning and post-treatment, and then processed into cords. Due to the import of aromatic rings in the long-chain molecules, the melting point increases, the modulus increases, and the heat resistance is significantly improved. The fiber combines the properties of nylon and polyester, has the characteristics of high modulus and good dimensional stability, is suitable for tire cords, and can improve the flat spot phenomenon of tires. volume_upcontent_copyshare


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