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The role and application of silicone hose in automobile

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Speaking of silicone products, is it the most common mobile phone case that everyone has in their minds? In fact, the application of silicone products is very extensive, the shops are full of streets and alleys, everywhere; small to mobile phone sets, speaker covers, silicone straps and other household electronic equipment products, large to the automotive seal ring, silicone hose and other machinery equipment products, let me decipher the application and role of silicone hose in the car.

Automotive silicone hoses have excellent insulation, heat resistance, oil resistance, and aging resistance, which can improve the performance of various parts of automobiles, and can be used in almost all aspects of the automotive industry.

Automotive silicone hoses are used in automotive gaskets and other seals to provide strong, long-lasting sealing protection for all devices, from headlights to oil filters. Leak-proof and durable, no cracks or cracks under extreme temperatures and pressures; The connector protects the electrical connection of the car connector, including the electrical plug and socket, from moisture and corrosion.

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The automobile silicone hose is used for the spark plug cover to prevent the spark plug from splashing, damp and adhering dust, which is essential for the good operation of the ignition system, and also has good electrical insulation properties and heat resistance; for the radiator, heat exchange And water pump gaskets to ensure that these parts are not corroded during the transfer of antifreeze; can also be used for cylinder head gaskets, hoods, valve covers, oil pumps or oil pans to improve their oil resistance.

The silicone hose is made of high quality imported silicone rubber material. Silicone is a new type of polymer elastic material with excellent high temperature resistance (250-300°C) and low temperature resistance (-40-60°C). It has excellent physiological stability, and can withstand repeated harsh and sterilizing conditions, has excellent resilience and permanent deformation (200°C for 48 hours no more than 50%), breakdown voltage is (20-25KV / Mm), with ozone resistance, UV resistance, radiation resistance, etc., however, special silicone has oil resistance.

Shape: Automotive silicone hoses can be divided into straight hoses, elbows, cone hoses, threaded hoses, bellows, shaped hoses, etc. depending on the appearance.

Performance: Excellent aging resistance, with oxygen resistance, ozone resistance, light resistance, weather resistance, weak acid and alkali resistance, high and low temperature resistance, excellent electrical insulation, arc resistance, good physiological inertia and physiological stability.

Uses: Used in five major systems in the car: cooling system, fuel system, refrigeration system, power steering system and braking system.

As an important part of the car, the automobile silicone hose is distributed in the engine, chassis and body, and plays the role of conveying oil, gas, water and transmitting power. The safety and performance of the car are also improved. At present, a car needs at least 20 m hose, and the number of hose assemblies for luxury cars has reached more than 80H, and there are no more than 10 types. There are straight hoses and shaped hoses in the shape of automobile hoses. There are high pressure, low pressure and vacuum on the pressure. There are oil and water, heat and heat dissipation, cooling and cooling in the medium performance. There are brake, drive and supercharged transmission types. It has become the representative of the advanced technology of hoses today, and the exhibition halls of various new types of hoses are constantly moving into high-tech fields. In terms of structure, it is more complete than in the past.


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