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How to choose the best rubber washer hose for you!

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How to choose the best rubber washer hose for you!

With the development of technology, pressure washers are becoming more and more popular for use around the house and particularly when cleaning a vehicle.If you opt for a pressure washer then you can increase the water pressure to blast away even the most stubborn lumps of muck. After your purchase of pressure washer machine, you will get a high-pressure hose. The hose you will get is not a bad one, but if you want to buy a better hose or if you want another hose for your use then there are many options. There are high-pressure hoses of different lengths to cover your small or large area. Before you buy a new hose or replace your previous one, you should get a good idea about the hoses available in the market. In this article, you will get a good idea about different hoses that will help you to pick the best pressure rubber washer hose for your machine.



Most of  the rubber washer hoses that we use in pressure washers are made of either of the three materials, PVC plastic, rubber, and polyurethane. The PVC plastic pipes are comparatively hard and difficult to bend. There is the chance of getting a crack if you try to bend it more than its normal. The rubber is comparatively flexible but pretty heavy. You might find difficult to move from one place to other, and if not careful it might leave a scuff mark on your wet concrete. The Polyurethane is steel braided hose coated with plastic. Our company specializes in the production of rubber washer hoses.



Different machines use rubber washer hoses with different diameters. Before buying a rubber washer hose, you should see your machine that what diameter hose it uses. All the hoses will not fit on all the machines. Usually, for up to 2700 PSI machines use ¼” diameter hose. The machines that have PSI from 2700 to 3400 use 5/16” diameter hose. The largest and most commonly used hose diameter is 3/8” which can handle up to 5000 PSI water pressure.



If you have an electric pressure washer then it will be a problem to move your machine here and there. In this case, a large rubber hose will be helpful. If you have a gas pressure washer, then you can easily move your machine to places, and the short hose will serve you fine. Usually, people use hose starting from 20 feet to 50 feet. These rubber hoses will not put much pressure on your device and will give you excellent service.


Water flow rating

When it comes to choosing a pressure rubber washer hose you’ll notice something on the box reading PSI or Pounds per Square Inch and this is generally the grunt of the unit, like torque on a car. And then there’s the water flow itself which is measured in liters per minute. What you’re looking for is a system with around 1200psi to 3000psi. Obviously, the more pressure your system has the more powerful it is, so, make sure you select the correct accessories for the job you need the washer for. Don’t forget, most pressure washers can generally have the pressure turned down by rotating the wand head. In some cases it’s best to start off with less pressure and turn the nozzle to focus the spray until you’ve got a handle on your washer’s grunt.



You need to connect your high pressure at both the ends, one with the main device and the other with the spray gun. You need to check the connection type of your machine whether it has a connection that snaps into place or one that screws into it. You also need to check whether your spray gun has a male or female connector. It is easier to work with the male type connector though you can buy a female type connector.


  Please attention ,If you’ve never used a pressure washer before, make sure you start slowly and make sure you stand more than five feet away from your vehicle when starting out until you get a hang of how the washer works and how powerful it is. And always make sure you’re using the manufacturer recommended wand for the job.

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