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High Pressure Hydraulic Hot Oiler Hose

Structure of continuous service temperature range of hydraulic hot oil rubber hose: - 67 ° f / + 275 ° f- 55 ° C / + 135 ° C maximum operating temperature: 300 ° f; 150 ° C insertion: SHF type tube: oil resistant synthetic rubber reinforcing layer: one or two high-strength steel braids: Blue synthetic rubber, with high ozone, weather resistance and heat resistance applicable specification: more thanEN 853 1SN - SAE 100 R1AT - ISO 1436-1 1SN / R1AT
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High Pressure Hydraulic Hot Oiler Hose

1.High Pressure Hydraulic Hot Oiler Hose

Continuous Service Temperature Range:-67°F / +275°F; -55°C / +135°C
Max Operating Temperature:300°F; 150°C
Insert: Shf-Type
Tube: Oil Resistant Synthetic Rubber
Reinforcement: Two High Tensile Steel Braids
Cover:Blue Synthetic RubberIt has high ozone, weather resistance and heat resistance
Applicable Specs:EN 853 1SN - SAE 100 R1AT - ISO 1436-1 1SN / R1AT2

2.KEY PERFORMANCE OF High Pressure Hydraulic Hot Oiler Hose

EN/DIN And New Sae Rated Working Pressures
Range temperature resistance range EN / DIN pressure rating Excellent ozone resistance excellent weather resistance and UV resistance linearity.
Appearance: Wrap( ID Less Than 25.4mm Smooth Cover)

Branding: Printing And Indelible Branding With Embossed Technology

Colour: Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Gray

3,APPLICATIONS & FLUIDS OF High Pressure Hydraulic Hot Oiler Hose

Medium Pressure Lines With Installation Constraints

Mineral Oils, Vegetable And Rape Seed Oils, Glycols And Polyglycol Based Oils, Synthetic Ester Based Oils, Oils In Aqueous Emulsion, Water.

4.TEACHNICAL DATA OF High Pressure Hydraulic Hot Oiler Hose

HT 1SN 66-41/4"11.013.422532601000145001000.24
HT 1SN 88-55/16"12.615.02153110900130501140.28
HT 1SN 1010-63/8"15.017.31802610800116001270.34
HT 1SN 1212-81/2"18.120.5160232068098601780.44
HT 1SN 1616-105/8"21.323.5130188060087002000.51
HT 1SN 1919-123/4"25.227.7105152050072502400.65
HT 1SN 2525-161"33.135.888127036052203000.98
HT 1SN 3131-201.1/4"40.643.56594034550004201.31
HT 1SN 3838-241.1/2"46.950.05072029042005001.55
HT 1SN 5151-322"60.463.14058025036206302.25
HT 2SN 66-41/4"12.714.940058001725250101000.39
HT 2SN 88-55/16"14.316.535050701480214601140.44
HT 2SN 1010-63/8"16.719.033047801400203001270.54
HT 2SN 1212-81/2"19.822.027539801200174001780.65
HT 2SN 1616-105/8"23.025.225036201020147902000.77
HT 2SN 1919-123/4"27.029.02153110900130502400.93
high temperature 2SN 2525-161"34.837.01752530700101503001.36
HT 2SN 3131-201.1/4"44.347.0150217060087004202.03
HT 2SN 3838-241.1/2"50.753.4100145041059405002.28
HT 2SN 5151-322"63.566.290130037053606303.16

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