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First, the skill of distinguishing silicone tube and rubber tubeThe silicone tube is a kind of silicone rubber and belongs to a one-component room temperature vulcanized liquid rubber product. The silicone product is a kind of silicone rubber product and belongs to a one-component room temperature v



[Industry News] Method for solving oil leakage of high pressure fuel pipe

In our daily production, there is no shortage of oil leaks in high pressure fuel pipes. Once it happens, it will be impossible to solve the oil leakage of the high pressure fuel pipe. The serious point may explode or even cause a fire. These accidents have affected our life production. In order to p



[Industry News] What are the causes of oil leakage in high pressure fuel pipe?

How is the high pressure fuel pipe oil leakage caused? I will analyze it in detail for everyone today.1. The tube bursts.The reason for the bursting of the high pressure fuel pipe is generally that the fuel pipe manufacturer does not conduct the test before the assembly leaves the factory; at the ve



[Industry News] Automobile crankcase ventilation system

When the engine is working, the high-pressure combustible mixture and the burned gas of the combustion chamber will more or less leak into the crankcase through the gap between the piston group and the cylinder, causing helium. The components of helium are unburned fuel gas, water vapor and exhaust



[Industry News] The function of the high pressure oil pump

The working principle of the high pressure oil pump:1. The oil pump pumps the fuel from the fuel tank and passes through a filter with a water separator to enter the high pressure oil pump through the oil inlet pipe.2. The oil pump passes the fuel through the orifice of the pressure relief valve int


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